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Welcome to Mrs. Greene's 7th Grade Reading Class
A brand new school year is upon us and I am excited for a great year! This year brings many new and exciting things for 7th grade; a new school, new teachers, lockers, a different schedule, new friends, and independence. As 7th graders you are learning to balance homework, sports, and a social life, all while getting used to the changes that come with being a middle school student.

In Reading class you will practice and learn strategies that will not only help you with reading, but will also help you in "real life" too. The importance of being a good reader is not just about getting a good grade or being able to read the book a teacher gives you. Being a good reader is all about what's going on around you! Think about it for a minute, how many times a day do you read?

Emails, text messages, Instagram comments, Facebook, Menus, TV schedules, List of On Demand movies, Cereal box, recipes, User Manuals, "How to" web pages, WIKI pages, An invitation, Contest Pages, Mrs. Greene's Web page, Ingredients in the Milano cookies, grocery lists, chores lists, travel brochures, Directions on the GPS, The history of cheese webpage, road signs, Restaurant names, The Tide bottle, lyrics to "Timber", more text messages (rereading text conversations!), Pinterest pages, The Walmart sales flyer.... and on and on and on and on and on....


Get this...
Kids who read more than 10 minutes a day can see as many as 40,000 words per day!
That's an unbelievable 14.6 MILLION words per year!

Seriously. Not Joking. So, now you can understand why "reading" is more than one might think.

In this class we will be doing more than reading books (which we WILL BE doing!). We will be looking at newspapers, magazines, written instructions, blogs, web pages etc.

Books are the FUN part of reading. Books are when we get to forget about our problems and forget about everything we currently know and become part of someone else's life and story.

In Reading class you will learn

        *why people love books, and what kind of books YOU love.
        *that reading is not black and white.
        *It isn't always easy.
        *It CAN take longer for some people than others.
        *It involves WAY MORE than just knowing words on a page.
        *that Reading is complicated and takes practice... LOTS of practice.
        *how reading is really brain science!
        *that making mistakes is really learning in disguise.
        *that becoming a better reader helps you become a better writer.... and speller... and listener.... and speaker.
        *that even if you don't feel confident now, it's ok... YOU WILL GET THERE.

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