Harmony Markey
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Assessment / Grading
This class has well defined Course Competencies.
        Students MUST:
        1.) pass each Summative Assessment with a 70% or better.
        2.) have a 70% or better class average.

Students who retake a Summative Assessment will receive no higher than a 70% on their second try.

Competency Assessments account for 50% of overall grade.

The remaining 50% of the grade is broken down as follows:
1. Daily Points (explained on pg. 2):  5%
2. Development of:  45%
a. Notes (singing correct notes)
b. Rhythm (keeping a steady tempo, reading rhythm, counting, etc.)
c. Tone/Musicality (Tone production, expressivness, understanding and application of musical terms)
d. Technique (good breathing technique, proper body positioning (posture))
e. Sight Reading

Daily Points/Expectations

1.) Come to class on time:
A.) Each student is allowed only 2 tardies a quarter
B.) If you are tardy three times in a quarter you will receive a detention.

2.) Come to class prepared:
A.) Each student must bring his/her music, pencil, kazoos, notebooks (or scrap paper), and folder.

3.) Classroom participation:
A.) Each student must actively participate in classroom activities with good effort and attitude.

4.) Adhere to the ideals set forth by the Moultonborough Community Charter:
A.) Respect
B.) Responsibility
C.) Integrity
D.) Compassion
E.) Moral Courage

5.) No gum, no food, and no drinks (except water):

All students will receive a verbal warning upon first offense.  The second offense will result in a detention and removal of daily point.
The third offense will result in removal from the classroom and removal of all daily points.  (With the exception of number one where the policy is explained).

Attendance at all performances is mandatory!  Failure to attend a performance will result in an F for the quarter.  However, emergencies do arise.  If you are/were unable to attend a performance because of an emergency, your parent/guardian needs to contact me as soon as possible.

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