Chip Nyhan
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Chip Nyhan

Preferred Method of Contact
                 Phone or email

By Phone:
        School: 476-5517  X121          
        Best Time: 9:20am-10:00am

Hello.  Thanks for the communication.  Please leave a message and I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Self-Management is a vital skill for an individual to succeed in life.  Taking the initiative to pursue learning and master self-management skills requires recognition, analysis and action. Setting individual goals and documenting progress toward achieving those goals is equally important.  Acting on your pursuit of these goals is an ongoing process that should be assessed regularly.  Communicating with others is not only an important skill, but, a tool to be used for evaluating your progress toward your desired goal(s).

Through recognition, analysis and evaluation the student will assess his/her individual performance for the purpose of creating a portfolio to measure progress of specific skills.

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