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A Celebration of Code at MCS!


What is Coding?
Code is a language.
Coding is using that language to tell a computer what to do.

Online Coding Activities

Activities that
won't count
your lines
of code


Create your own arcade game

Create your own platform game

Extreme Challenges!

Code a solar system simulation

Create programmatic drawings

Unplugged Coding Activities

Grade 3-4
Graph Paper Programming
Graph Paper Programming.pdf
Relay Programming
Relay Programming.pdf
Grades 2-3
Paper Planes Coding
Paper Planes Coding.pdf
Plant a Seed
Plant a Seed.pdf
Grades K-1
Getting Loopy Coding
Getting Loopy Coding.pdf
Happy Maps
Happy Maps.pdf

Move it, Move it!
Move It, Move It.pdf
Grades 5-6
Conditionals with Cards
Conditionals with Cards.pdf
Binary Bracelets
Binary Bracelets.pdf

Student Creations
Stay tuned!

from code.org

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