Tools for Teachers
Tools for Teachers

Free Websites for
Lesson Planning
*SmartTech  --Tools and ready to use lessons for Smartboards.

*Super Teacher Worksheets -- Downloadable and printable worksheets.

*Educator Studio-- Find and share lesson plans for all grades and subjects.

*Discovery Eduction -- Lesson plans made by teachers for teachers.

*Hot Chalk -- Search through 3,500 lesson plans.

*Teachers.Net -- Over 4,500 lesson plans. Seach by grade, or subject.
Paid Websites for
Lesson Planning
*Teachers Pay Teachers -- Pay by unit, lesson, or materials. Over 300,000 ready made resources!

Resource Websites
*Fred Jones -- Tools for teaching

*The Daily Cafe -- The 2 Sisters

*BrainPop for Educators-- Find videos of all shapes and sizes for all subjects and grade levels.
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Fun Technology Games

Technology Tools, Tips and Ideas
Awesome Tip #12- Connect Globally!

Awesome Tip #11- Google's Inside Search!

Awesome Tip #10- Touch address bar, when you are already in a website, and type in the word you want to find on the page. Then go to the bottom of the suggested list and choose "on this page" and find your word in the website you are on!

Awesome Tip #9- Use COMMANDF to "find" a word or phrase in any website! So cool!

Awesome Tip #8- Use "Easy Who Is" to find out more about web page authors

Awesome Tip #7- Get “Real” and evaluate the websites you use.

R-Read the URL!

E- Examine the content

A-Ask about author and developer

L- Look at the Links

Awesome Tip #6- Learn about your WEB FILTER

Awesome Tip #5- Use Kahoot for learning and fun!

Awesome Tip #4- Use “Photos For Class” website to find Photos that have citations imbedded

Awesome Tip #3- App Request Form for students who will not stop asking you for apps!

Awesome Tip #2- Find learning tools through EdTeacher.org

Awesome Tip #1- Encourage AppSmashing (using multiple apps for one project!)

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