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READING CLASS:  There will be a reading class next year for students who need extra help in reading.  Students will be recommended for the reading class based on standardized test scores.  Part of this recommendation is that they are not yet ready for a full-time World Language class.  Reading takes the place of World Language for these students in grade 7.  They will be allowed to take Spanish I in 8th or 9th grade when they no longer need reading.  Parents of students who have been recommended for reading in grade 7 have already been informed at MCS.          

WORLD LANGUAGE:  French, Latin, and Spanish are offered in 7th grade.  Students are asked to choose one of these languages as part of a 2-year program taking them through the end of 8th grade.  In essence, the World Language chosen for next year is a longer commitment when you consider that most students will be best served staying with the same World Language through high school.  While World Language is not a required course in grades 9-12, the vast majority of traditional colleges look for a minimum of 2 years of World Language in the high school years as an admissions requirement.  Even though there is a Spanish I course offered in grade 9, switching languages is not recommended after middle school.  The Spanish I course serves as an opportunity for high school Latin or French students to take two languages at the same time.  It is important to know that while most 7th graders get their first choice foreign language; the first choice cannot be guaranteed.   

BAND & CHORUS:  In 7th grade, students have the option of taking band, or chorus, or both.  In the Middle School schedule, Band and Chorus classes take place during the studentís PAWS Block reducing the amount of study/homework time he or she will have in school.  In the past some students, being new to the Academy and unsure about academic demands, have dropped Band or Chorus to maximize PAWS time.  I encourage students and families who are involved in these wonderful learning opportunities to continue them.  The students who have remained in Band and Chorus have found that they have quickly adapted, developing important study and time management habits in the process.  Since these are skill-based classes, it is not recommended to “skip” years.  Unfortunately, as with World Language, Chorus is not guaranteed.        

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