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First Day of School for Seventh Graders:

On the first day of school, students gather in the cafeteria before the first bell like they would do on any other day.  Buses will be dropping students off at school before 7:40am.  When the bell rings at 7:47am, all students walk to their A block classes.  

Throughout the first few days, seventh grade teachers will be in the hallways helping students find their rooms.   The first day of any class is usually spent talking about expectations and what students will need to bring to class each day.  Homework is generally lighter in the first couple of weeks of September, and much of the content is review.  New material can be expected soon thereafter, and monitoring grades is important for both student and parent.  Cafeteria staff help students purchase their food at lunch and break.  

Most students bring their athletic gym clothes and/or athletic gear for sports in a gym bag, and use a backpack for books and school supplies.  Backpacks should be kept in the students lockers as they are not allowed in middle school classrooms.  The first day of school is in most aspects a normal school day, but with all staff making themselves available to help the newer students.

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