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The Moultonborough Academy After School Program is designed to provide a safe, supervised, and drug-free environment for students on weekdays from dismissal until 4:00 pm.  Students staying after school must be involved in a supervised activity in order to stay on school grounds.  Students who are part of the After School Program must sign in with the Coordinators, and must sign out when leaving.  Only students who have been approved by the After School Coordinators will be permitted to ride the late buses.  


Late Bus runs on Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays departing the Academy at 4:00pm.

The Late Bus allows students who have no independent means of transportation to stay after school to seek extra help, participate in sports, or attend club meetings.

Students are not permitted to leave school grounds and come back to take the bus home.  Only students who have signed up with the After School Program will be permitted to ride the late bus.  It is important to note that the late bus follows abreviated routes, and may not drop students off directly at home.

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