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Other Guidance Services

Academic Advising and Placement:
The guidance counselors research assessment results and seek out teacher recommendations to make sure students are placed in classes that are challenging, and appropriate to the individual student’s ability.

Values Awareness Education:
Classroom activities are used to make students aware of how their values help them make decisions, and that considering the values of others helps them to resolve conflicts.  Students are encouraged to share and prioritize some of their values as well as respect the opinions of others. 
Bullying/Harassment/Cyberbullying Education:
At the beginning of the year, Mr. Rollins explains the district policy on bully and harassment to seventh grade students.¬† Skit demonstrations and role plays are used to highlight examples of bullying behavior in a classroom environment.¬† An emphasis is placed on strategies to respond effectively to any aggressive behavior.  Students are taught that bullying  often times stems from an imbalance of physical, social, or socio-economic power, and are encouraged to seek adult help.  Mr. Rollins also facilitates discussions on Cyberbullying and steps to prevent it    ¬†¬†¬†
504 Coordinator:
Students with disabilities that qualify for an educational plan under Section 504 of the Civil Rights Act will have their services coordinated by guidance staff or the school nurse.

Last Modified: Sep 20, 2010