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Middle School Counseling
Individual Counseling:
The academic and personal welfare of all students is of prime concern and importance.  Counseling on academic performance is usually short-term and provided on an as-needed basis.  Regularly scheduled appointments can be arranged for social or emotional issues that interfere with a student’s learning.  Appointments are usually made during study hall blocks, lunch, or after school.  Counseling may be requested by students or parents.  Referrals to private mental health professionals may be provided for issues that are beyond the scope of a school counselor.  Confidentiality applies to conversations with students that occur during counseling appointments.    
Group Counseling:
Various groups are facilitated throughout the school year. A number of popular groups are listed below.  Groups are run if there are enough children with a shared issue that would benefit from participating in a group.  Individual counseling is available when a specific group is not offered.  Parental permissionis required for students to participate in a group.
            Children of Divorce Group
            How to Handle Stress Group
            New Student Group
            Organization Skills Group
            Study Skills Group                                               

Mental Health Referrals:
Referrals for mental health services in the area can be provided upon request by your child’s guidance counselor. 
Student Mediations:
A dispute between students may be resolved with the help of a guidance counselor.  As an impartial mediator, the counselor can make sure both sides are allowed to voice their concerns and are treated fairly.  Students will create mutually agreed upon terms to coexist peacefully at school.  Students or parents may request a mediation. 

Last Modified: May 07, 2009