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Transition & Orientation
Transition & Orientation Activities:

Sixth Grade Orientation Day: 
At about the third week in May each year, sixth grade students are welcomed to Moultonborough Academy during a regular school day.¬†Seventh grade ‚Äúambassadors‚ÄĚ give the sixth graders a tour of the building, and help them purchase a snack in the cafeteria.¬†¬† Seventh grade students also answer questions from the sixth grade in a panel format.¬† In addition, Mr Rollins talks to the new class about their schedules and classes for the upcoming year.¬†

Sixth Grade Family Orientation Night:
During the family orientation, middle level teachers introduce themselves to the audience of sixth grade parents and students. They say a few words about their classes or programs.  A few teachers then take groups of students to classrooms for a 20-minute mini-lesson so students can see what it will be like to be in class at the Academy.  While the students are in class, Mr Rollins presents middle school information to the parents such as schedule details, necessary supplies,and homework requirements.  At the end, the sixth grade students give their parents a tour of the building through a structured scavenger hunt activity.


Last Modified: May 13, 2009