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Career Education

Developmental Career Education:

At each grade level at Moultonborough Academy, the guidance counselor provides a week-long, career development education unit in a regular classroom setting.  Lessons are developmentally appropriate, and are part of a district-wide comprehensive guidance program designed to prepare students for their future goals.  A brief overview of each unit is listed below according to grade level. 

Grade 7:

1509_21930_0.pngCareer Interview Report and Presentation:  Students are presented with the problem of how to find information about careers.  One excellent source is the people in their community that are in that field.  Students will interview someone who does a career of interest. They will present their findings to their peers in class and submit an essay summarizing the interview. 

Career Packet: Students will explore their own interests, values, and skills as they relate to potential careers.

The Harrington O'Shea Interest Inventory:¬† Students will complete an interest inventory to determine what career clusters they should explore.  Students are provided with a list of potential careers in their cluster, and then asked to select several careers that interest them the most.¬† This may reinforce interests they already have or provide them with new ideas.

‚ÄúMy Dream Job‚ÄĚ:¬† This exercise allows students to use their imagination to generate ideas and possibilities for their futures.¬† Students are encouraged to not to limit themselves and to follow their dreams.

Career Values:  Probably the most important factor in career decision-making, an examination of values associated with careers helps students determine what they should look for in an occupation.

Grade 8:

NonTraditional Careers:  Students discuss their attitudes toward non-traditional versus tradition gender roles in careers. 

4-Year Educational Plan:  Provided with a program of study and the essential information about program offerings at Moultonborough Academy, students will develop a 4-year educational plan for high school.  This plan will help them to utilize courses and programs to best prepare them for a career. Planning courses for high school helps students to understand electives, course sequences, and encourages them to take ownership of their education. 

Learning Style Inventory:  A basic learning style inventory is given to students to determine how they learn best.   A student is generally an auditory learner, a visual learner, a kinesthetic learner, or a combination.  Students are provided with tips on how best to study and learn based on their own individual learning style. 
Grade 9:

‚ÄúWhere will I be when I am 30‚ÄĚ:¬† This activity asks students to take a holistic approach toward looking at their future goals.¬† They are asked to consider how lifestyle choices would match with their career plans.¬†

Self Directed Search Interest Inventory:  Students complete their second interest inventory in two years and are given the opportunity to compare the new results to the previous inventory.       

Career Research Project:  Based on the results of the interest inventory, students will research specific details of one career using internet sources.

College Research Project:  Students will research specific details on a potential post-secondary institution that could help them achieve their career goals. 

Career Development Portfolio:
The portfolio is kept for the student in the guidance office and holds all student work and research completed in the career education units. Students have access to and update information each year during the career unit.  Students and parents are encouraged to make an appointment to review the contents of the portfolio at any time.  Contents are often used to help students make educational decisions in high school. 

Last Modified: May 07, 2009